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Benefits of a memory foam mattress

Written by Foam Factory, Inc.

The very first memory foam was used by the NASA in the 1960s in airplane seats. This particular foam is made from viscoelastic. This substance has a high propensity of energy absorption and has a very soft texture. The benefits of using a memory foam mattress are numerous.

Molding of body contours

The memory foam adapts to a person’s body temperature and acts as a mold to the person’s body’s curves. This provides a good support to a person’s shoulder, back, neck and legs. This is good for back pain sufferers as the foams puts very little pressure on the person’s spines.

Even distribution of body weight

The personalized molding from the foam mattress ensures that a person’s body weight is evenly distributed. This promotes a better circulation.

Better quality sleep

The memory foam also minimises stress on a person’s body which results in a more restful sleep. People sleeping on a memory foam mattress will toss and turn less.

Carlo Badalamenti has been in the foam manufacturing and selling business since 1980. He has risen to the position of VP of his organization. His company is aware of the virtues of memory foams and they propose a selection of memory foam mattresses or mattress toppers for people wanting a mattress replacement.

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