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  • Green Rx From New Zealand

    Guest post by While we in the United States worry about how to pay for all our prescriptions with or without Medicare Part D, New Zealand doctors have come up with something called a “Green Prescription” that won’t cost money, but will require time and effort. Green Prescriptions are for specific physical activities that will

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  • Say No to drug addiction

    It’s no wonder the saying ‘Prevention is better than cure’ applies to almost every area of our lives. Take for example, the state of drug addiction. If you ask several addicts if they were given the chance to go back and change it all, most of them would admit to wanting to do so. The

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  • Another way to cut medical costs

    Split your pills More health insurers are endorsing the practice, but some physicians say it’s risky. Smart shoppers can’t resist a two-for-one sale. But should you purchase prescription drugs the same way you buy pizza or canned corn? For years, people who take daily medications have saved money by asking their doctors to prescribe pills

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  • Drug addiction – Death by Ecstasy

    Scientists have identified a key protein involved in one of the most lethal side effects of the popular but illegal drug ecstasy. Most ecstasy-related deaths are caused by an increase in body temperature, or hyperthermia, which leads to organ failure. Coroners report: 18-year-old female who attended a RAVE PARTY between the hours of 2230 and

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  • Ecstasy Might Cause Brain Damage

    Ecstacy/MDMA Side Effects There’s more evidence that the wildly-popular, feel-good “rave” drug known as ecstasy can have potentially devastating effects on brain cells. And women who use the drug for extended periods are particularly susceptible to this damage. Also known as MDMA, ecstasy is cheap, relatively easy to get, and seems more innocuous than other

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