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  • What to do if your teen refuses to get into braces

    Article written by Elite Dental Group Braces and orthodontic treatments are necessary as they help to realign jaws and correct for over or underbites. These corrections can help reduce major dental problems later on in a child’s life. However, pre-teens and teenagers may be hesitant to get into braces as they are conscious about how

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  • How to reduce teeth grinding

    Article written by Elite Dental Group Teeth grinding or bruxism happens when a person grinds their teeth when they sleep. Some patients may also grind their teeth when they are awake due to stress. Teeth grinding can damage teeth while causing jaw and mouth pain. These simple strategies can help to reduce teeth grinding and

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  • Why DIY Clear Aligners are a Bad Idea

      Article submitted By Remarkable Smiles Orthodontics. DIY orthodontics has become a trend in recent years, with companies such as SmileDirectClub offering customers the chance to create their own teeth molds for 3D-printed clear aligners. Unlike traditional orthodontic appointments, this process is usually done virtually. This has raised questions from experienced dental professionals and organizations.

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  • Consult An Invisalign Dentist For Misaligned Teeth

    Oral and dental problems are of numerous kinds. While many of them are related to diseases of the gums, the decay of the teeth etc, there are equally common numbers of structural disorders of the teeth too. An Invisalign dentist is a cosmetic dentist who deals especially with such kinds of structural disorders of the

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