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How to reduce teeth grinding

Article written by Elite Dental Group

Teeth grinding or bruxism happens when a person grinds their teeth when they sleep. Some patients may also grind their teeth when they are awake due to stress. Teeth grinding can damage teeth while causing jaw and mouth pain.

These simple strategies can help to reduce teeth grinding and eventually eliminate the habit.

Mouthguards and splints – Mouthguards and splints offer to cushion and stop grinding while a person is asleep. The most comfortable mouthguards are custom-made while others can be purchased from a pharmacy.

Reductive Coronoplasty – This is a dental procedure that reshapes a person’s mouth which improves a person’s bite. Often grinding is exuberated by teeth crowding, misalignment, and crooked teeth, which can be improved with reductive coronoplasty.

Botox –Botox is injected into the cheeks and jaws of patients to relax a person’s muscles reducing tension and teeth grinding symptoms. However, Botox treatments will only last 3-4 months and will need to be repeated.

Biofeedback – A therapist will use biofeedback techniques to help a person control their teeth grinding. However, effectiveness can vary, and patients may require long-term therapy to see noticeable results.

Stress-reduction techniques – Stress has been linked to many health conditions such as anxiety, depression, and teeth grinding. Stress reduction techniques include meditation, yoga, and talk therapy help to manage a person’s stress levels, making them less likely to grind their teeth. Additionally, cardio-based workouts have been shown to reduce levels of depression and stress when it is paired with a healthy lifestyle.

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