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Top Signs to Look Out for on a Worn Mattress

Top Signs to Look Out for on a Worn MattressYou’re probably aware that you need to replace your mattress every 6 to 8 years. Besides, over time you’ll feel the difference in how much it’s changed over the past years that you’ve used it. You spend a majority of your life in your bed. You see where this is going. So, if you feel that it’s time for a mattress replacement, here are some things that you should consider.

Check the Appearance

There should be a consistent amount of support within your mattress. If you lie down and start to feel it sag or that it doesn’t “push back” against your body, then that’s an indicator that your mattress is starting to age and can no longer provide the full amount of support that it did when it was brand new. You can also take your hand and push down on various parts of your foam mattress to check their levels of resistance. If there is a consistent pattern of spots that are slumping down easily, then your mattress is nearing the end of its life cycle.

Analyze Your Sleeping Patterns

Track your sleep by trying to keep track of how many times you wake up during the night as well as how you feel in the morning. Consistent “grogginess” and soreness are only two of the things that you’re going to continue to feel if you use the same mattress that you’re currently using. Another indicator is how many times you struggle to find that comfortable position that you can sleep in. If you want better sleep quality, it’s important that you stay away from the low-quality mattress foam. Sleep is instrumental to someone’s well being, so by taking care of your body, your days will run a lot smoother and easier.