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Why changing your cushions is an essential health practice

Blog provided by The Foam Factory

Have you been using the same couch cushions for the past decade? Changing or replacing couch foam cushions is as important as buying new clothes and refreshing your wardrobe. Years of use will result in significant wear and tear for any product. Couch cushions were not designed for infinite use. They have a life expectancy of 7-10 years and after they have been worn out, replacing them is the healthiest thing to do.

There are several reasons why older cushions may not be healthy to use. First, years of pressure from supporting your body weight may have caused them to become lumpy, flat, or misshapen. Cushions were designed to adequately support you while providing ample comfort. Reclining on bad cushions may cause aches and pains because they are no longer able to distribute your weight evenly. As you get older and begin experiencing more back pain, it can be harder to sit on old cushions without slouching and adopting bad posture habits, which can lead to even more back pain and joint degeneration.

Furthermore, old cushions may be teeming with dust and allergy-causing dust mites. If you haven’t been in the habit of cleaning your couch cushions, these allergens may cause sneezing, runny noses, itchy eyes, and all the other irritating allergy symptoms. In the worst cases, old unclean couch cushions may even have allergy-causing fungi such as mold or mildew. While you can always do some deep cleaning to get rid of the worst offenders, it might just be easier to replace your couch cushions if they are already old and uncomfortable.

As you’re looking for replacement cushions, be sure to consider your needs. Choose the right balance between comfort and durability as you browse through the different types of couch foam that are available on the market. At The Foam Factory, you’ll find multiple types of couch foam from ultra-comfortable Super Soft Foam to heavy-duty Lux Foam that will last longer than the average couch cushion. You can choose from preset cushion shapes or contact their team of experts to design a specific shape for your unique couch. Contact them today for more info!