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How to Restyle an Old Couch

Summary: Restoring an old couch is easy as long as there are no issues with the structure of the furniture. All you need to do is clean and give the couch a fresh coat of paint and add new cushions and upholstery.

There is no feeling better than taking an old piece of furniture and restoring it to its former glory. As long as the basic structure of the item is sound, you can do almost anything. A common item that needs restyling and restoration is the outdoor couch.

The first step is to remove any upholstery and get rid of the cushions. Look over the couch and make sure there are no structural issues. Give the entire couch a coat of paint with your color of choice. White is a common color for outdoor furniture but remember that you will need a primer if the couch is a different color. Also, make sure that the paint is outdoor friendly.

Redoing the upholstery on the couch is a little more work. The first option is to get any kind of fabric that is meant for outdoor use and then pull the fabric over the cushion. You can fix the fabric down using a staple gun. Alternatively, you can get the couch reupholstered professionally if you have the budget. Either way, use weatherproof cushion fabric.

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