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The Necessity of Staying Active

In order to reach the highest plateaus of physical fitness, it is important to not only adopt a diet rich in nutrients, but also stay active to keep both body and mind sound. The best thing you can do for your body is to stay active, which helps to stave off health issues like a stroke, diabetes, heart disease, cancer, and a slew of other illnesses.

In addition, adopting a physical fitness regimen has been shown to elevate mental capacity, decrease stress levels, improve sleep, and improve the cognitive functioning of older people. It is not necessary to exert insane amounts of time in the gym. Instead, only 30-minute workouts at 5 times a week are all the requirements you need to improve overall health. There more you engage in physical fitness, the more you elevate your core health.

The High Price of Staying Sedentary

We are all very aware of how physical activities can benefit the body and overall health, but what also must be stressed are the likelihood of being obese and developing chronic or life-threatening illnesses because of living a sedentary lifestyle. According to studies, less than 30% of Americans get the necessary amount of physical activity daily, and another 40% claiming not to engage in any whatsoever.

There has been a strong link made between watching television and obesity, with many that consider themselves couch potatoes suffering from excess weight gain and developing diabetes quicker than other groups. Long hours of sitting and being immobile are seriously detrimental to health and the long-term effects have been well-documented. For those just starting out, watersports or walking around the block are great ways to slowly but surely build your way up to improve health.

Bio: Dev Randhawa is a health food blogger who discovered the healing power of a healthy diet. Learn more by following Dev Randhawa.