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Why changing your mattress might be good for your health

Blog provided by The Foam Factory

It’s been said that you should replace your mattress every 7 years or so, but is this just a typical tradition for mattress users or are there any tangible benefits to switching? The main reason why sleep experts recommend getting a mattress replacement is that years of use result in wear and tear, which can leave a mattress misshapen and uncomfortable. This discomfort is usually the result of a misaligned spine, which can result in several health issues such as aches and pains, poorer blood circulation, and sleep deprivation. These are fairly persuasive reasons to switch mattresses, but how much does getting a replacement mattress actually help?

According to one study, acquiring new bedding can have measurable effects on the quality of sleepers’ health. The study examined 59 people suffering from sleep-related pain and sleep deprivation. It found that they experienced less back pain, better sleep quality, and less perceived stress. Therefore, it’s in your best interest to replace your mattress whenever it gets too uncomfortable to support you.

Some people make the mistake of believing their mattress will last forever or that it should only be replaced when it is no longer usable. Now that you know the benefits of replacing your mattress, there’s no reason for you to wait that long. If you need a mattress foam replacement today, contact The Foam Factory. They have memory foam, conventional foam, and latex foam mattresses for a comfortable, good night’s rest.