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Improving Your Back Support

Written by The Foam Factory

Back pain is a common syndrome and it is often caused by the lack of a good posture when sitting down for hours on end. However, there are several musculoskeletal issues that can be avoided with the use of appropriate back support and exercises.

Exercises are known to improve posture and to bring overall muscle strength. Several forms of exercises could be practised depending on the fitness level of the individual. Lighter forms of exercise such as yoga and pilates can be practised by pregnant women and the elderly to gain muscle and bone strength. Other form of training such as strength training are harder and require a higher level of fitness but these bring great results in terms of posture improvement.

The use of cushions could be beneficial to improve general posture and to bring adequate support to the back. For instance, sofa seat cushions help the lumbar to stay supported while sitting down on a couch. While traveling and working, special back support can also be made out of foam in order to provide additional support to the back and to bring comfort. This would especially be beneficial if you tend to drive for long hours and nothing that your posture is slumped while driving.

Carlo Badalamenti has worked in the foam manufacturing industry for several years now. He has gained considerable experiences in choosing the right materials to help in maintaining a good posture.

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