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Bamboo Flooring: Non Toxic Floor Material Alternative

Written by Bamboo Flooring Facts

One of the special concerns of new homeowners are the materials used for the interiors in their house. Some materials like wood have laminations that emit chemical byproducts in the air, which can cause allergies. These are called VOC or volatile organic compounds. The lower the rating on a material’s VOC, the less toxic.

Among the common VOCs in wood floor laminations is formaldehyde. Several industries use this as a disinfectant on wood, to remove bacteria and fungi spores during production. Formaldehyde is also used in production of resins used to laminate plywood, grains and strands of wood.

Allergies to polymer resins and formaldehyde are not rare. This is why there is a growing demand for non-toxic interior materials. People spend most of their time in their houses and cutting down the exposure to such allergens is very important for health.

Among the newest trends in interior materials is bamboo flooring. This material seems to be answer against allergens coming from laminations of typical wood flooring. The recommended standard for Indoor Air Quality on formaldehyde emissions is 0.1ppm or below. For premium bamboo flooring, some have been tested and emitted 0.01ppm only, virtually no emission at all.

How does bamboo flooring hardness rate against other types of wood?

Bamboo itself is known for its resistance and flexibility against pressure. Surprisingly, in a Janka hardness tests, engineered or solid bamboo materials scored almost the same African Paduak and Kempas wood. In bamboo flooring comparison in terms of hardness with other known wood flooring materials, it actually scored higher than Brazilian Maple. For more information on bamboo floors, has a comprehensive guide about environmental benefits, installation and maintenance guides, as well as a list of direct sellers.

Bamboo Flooring Facts also has comprehensive details regarding the Janka Hardness Test results in comparison to other types of wood. Please visit their website for further information and analysis on bamboo flooring hardness for industrial and construction use.