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  • Benefits of massage therapy

    Massage, especially asian massage nyc has been around for more than a thousand years. Handed down from generation to generation, it was used to heal and treat illness within the small communities. In modern times, massage is used mostly for relaxation in stressful times. However, there are several benefit to massage therapy that many are

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  • Workout recovery with a Korean Massage

    If you workout regularly or are an athlete, a deep tissue massage once in a while will be beneficial to help you in muscle recovery. Physiological Effects Massages affect the cardiovascular system of a person as it contributes to the dilatation of blood vessels. This improves the circulation and enhances the flow of oxygen and

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  • The Benefits of a Great Massage Chair

    Written by Comfort Soul If your business involves providing others with quality massages, you probably have a lot of resources dedicated to making sure they’re as relaxed as possible and enjoying their time with your spa. It makes sense that you would spend as much as possible to hire the best masseuses too. But don’t

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  • Why UV Tanning is Dying Out

    Article written by The guide to healthy living It wasn’t until recently that being extremely tan by spending hours outdoors all week or under a tanning bed was considered one of the things you absolutely had to do in order to be fashionable. But that’s beginning to change for a number of reasons. One is

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  • The Ergonomics Behind Spa Furniture

    Written by Comfort Soul If you didn’t know any better, you could make the mistake of thinking that spa equipment wasn’t all that important. Of course, the techniques employed by the specialists once their client is seated or laying down are where the magic happens. But that’s no reasons to think that any old facial

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