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The Ergonomics Behind Spa Furniture

Written by Comfort Soul

If you didn’t know any better, you could make the mistake of thinking that spa equipment wasn’t all that important. Of course, the techniques employed by the specialists once their client is seated or laying down are where the magic happens. But that’s no reasons to think that any old facial bed or table will do.

One of the main concerns that often go unrealized is that the wrong bed or table could become deleterious to the health of the practitioner. It’s not uncommon for a qualified masseuse to have to pick some weird angles in order to help their customer feel relaxes. So having their equipment at the right height, for example, can make all the difference.

If you’re a masseuse, be sure to inspect any facial tables or beds before using them. You just want to make sure they’re at a comfortable height for you. Even if you work at the same spa every day, if these pieces are adjustable, it’s possible you’ll need to switch the height on yours.

When it comes to tables, it’s important that you’re using one that isn’t so wide that you have a hard time reaching your client. Shorter masseuses often find this is a concern, meaning you may need to use a small stool or other item to help you get to a more comfortable height.

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