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Benefits of massage therapy

2By Garden Retreat Spa

Massage, especially asian massage nyc has been around for more than a thousand years. Handed down from generation to generation, it was used to heal and treat illness within the small communities. In modern times, massage is used mostly for relaxation in stressful times. However, there are several benefit to massage therapy that many are not aware of. Here are a few:

Improve circulation

Due to circular and rhythmic movies, massage therapy improves blood circulation. With increased circulation there is improved recovery, which is why massage therapy is used by athletes after competition.

Improves posture

Although massages do not have any chiropractic effects, the eventual loosening of muscles and tension around the spine can improve posture over the long term.

Reduces anxiety

Massaging loosens the muscles and helps relax them. This in turn reduces anxiety as the therapy reduces tension in the body.

Reduces pain

In terms of pain reduction, massage has been shown to be particularly effective for back pain. In some cases it has even been more effective than modern medication. Through reduced tension and improved circulation, muscular and back pain can be reduced.

Improves sleep

Finally massage therapy improves sleep. The deep relaxing nature of the massage takes you into a dream state faster than normal sleep.


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