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Workout recovery with a Korean Massage

Written by Garden Retreat Spa

If you workout regularly or are an athlete, a deep tissue massage once in a while will be beneficial to help you in muscle recovery.

Physiological Effects

Massages affect the cardiovascular system of a person as it contributes to the dilatation of blood vessels. This improves the circulation and enhances the flow of oxygen and nutrients and encourages the elimination of negative elements such as toxins. Massages also contribute to lowering the heart rate.

Psychological Effects

According to a study published in the Journal of Sports Medicine and Physical Fitness, athleticism does not depend only on the physical strength of a person. The focus and mental ability of a person also impacts on performance during physical activities. Massages contribute to this by reducing tensions and stress and increasing the release of serotonin in the body.

The Korean massage is one of the best massage NYC. It constitutes of an ancient oriental technique that has been used for centuries to procure relaxation of the muscles. The Korean deep tissue massage is often suggested by therapists as it impacts on particular muscle issues that you might not yet have felt. This type of massage involves the application of heavy pressure on the muscles and other deeper tissues of the skin. This massage is specifically designed to drive away and ease out any muscle knots and tensions that have been built up from workout sessions. The receiver of the massage might be feeling sore after the session but the relaxation effect would come afterwards and the person would instantly feel better.

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