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How stress can affect your teeth

Article written by Elite Dental Group.

Stress can have many mental and physical side effects. Managing stress levels is the only way to live a happy fulfilling life, as stress can never be eliminated. Increased levels of stress can harm the health of your teeth and often require a dental visit.

Here are some common side effects that affect teeth as a result of stress.

Teeth grinding and clenching – Anxiety can cause people to grind and clench their teeth. In medical terms, this is called Bruxism. Often it takes place when a person is asleep, but it can happen several times during the day. If you notice chipped or flatted teeth, this is an indication of teeth grinding. Since bruxism can cause fractures and cracks, consider visiting a dentist for advice. Most dentists will request that the patient wear a nightguard to stop grinding and reduce pressure.

Gum disease – When a person is stressed their immune system becomes weaker. This can result in harmful bacteria entering and spreading through the bloodstream via weak gums.

Jaw problems – Temporomandibular disorders (TMD) conditions affect the muscle joints in the jaw. Patients feel that their jaw is sore and often hear a popping or clicking sound. Additionally, they will find it difficult to open their mouths wide and feel soreness when they chew. Headaches and tension near the neck, jaw, and back are common with this condition. It is a good idea to visit a dentist to diagnose TMD and help with treatment options.

Steps to reduce stress will greatly improve a person’s dental health and overall lifestyle. Make sleep, exercise, and healthy eating habits a priority, while including time to relax and connect with family and friends to better manage stress.

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