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5 ways to prepare young children for telehealth appointments

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Article written by Francis Dunn, Miami, FL

Telehealth appointments have made consulting a doctor safe and convenient. However, patients may be hesitant to book a virtual appointment with their pediatrician as an online appointment with young children may seem challenging.

Here are some smart tips to get you and your child ready for a virtual pediatric appointment.

Make the appointment around your child’s needs – Schedule your appointment around your child’s meal and nap times. A child who is fed and well-rested will be more willing to sit through their appointment.

Get prepared – Keep items like a flashlight, thermometer, scale, and a list of questions for your doctor. If you have any lab tests that may be of relevance to your child’s current health problem, you can keep them close. Your child’s favorite toy or book can calm your child while you speak to your doctor.

Practice with your technology – Most appointments will use specific software that you will have to download onto your device. Practice using this software in advance to make for a smooth, trouble-free appointment.

Prepare your child – Let your child know what they can expect and how long their appointment will take. If your child can communicate, you can ask them to speak with their doctor.

Fill out all necessary forms – Before your appointment, fill out all necessary forms regarding your insurance, your child’s health history, and your consent.

Being well-prepared for your virtual pediatric appointment can help you and your child receive the best care in the safety of your home.

Francis Dunn

Francis Dunn

Francis Dunn is based in Miami, FloridaFrancis William Dunn has the heart of an entrepreneur and has worked with successful companies such as DMDconnects. His expertise in fund raising has helped with multiple new start-ups in the healthcare and medical device sector. Francis Dunn is experienced in people development, online healthcare, executive management, and acquisitions. He is an advocate for healthy living and a caring father.