Tuesday, 26/10/2021 | 5:50 UTC+0
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What NOT to Do When Purchasing a EMR Software

Computers have taken over the world of medicine practice!  Today, doctors are able to keep up with their day to day procedures, operations and exams with a technology known as practice management software. Who ever knew such software would do everything from capturing demographics of patients to performing billing and insurance processing tasks? This technology can be a doctor’s best friend, especially if he or she has a small to medium clinic, or is low on manpower. It can be tempting to purchase one right away, but every medical practitioner has got to exercise patience and critical thinking, even when shopping for software meant to make clinic life easy.

Firstly, never buy electronic medical record software without consulting your staff. Doctors do the job, so the EMR software will most likely be left in the hands of the staff that will solely operate it. You will need to assess how much your staff knows and understands about computers. If your staff is resistant to technological advances such as EMR software and the like, you may only be wasting your money. For best results, you could arrange for a tutorial or training with the supplier before purchase.

Secondly, do not impulsively shell out a huge amount of money when you haven’t figured out yet what you need it for. Every clinic is different. Does your clinic need help with maintenance of patients’ records? Do you need software to assist in electronic prescription? Are you looking for a medical billing technology? There are several types of practice management software, so perform a diagnosis beforehand of your needs.

Finally, impulsively buying the first and cheapest machine you could find can be your greatest mistake. These machines are costly for a price, and there are several types with varied features. Find out if the software really works, and up to your standards. If it doesn’t, it will only stick out like a sore patient in your clinic.