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Understanding the Different Types of Wheelchair Cushions

There are numerous types of wheelchair cushions available to the public. Here is a breakdown on the basic models.

Wheelchair cushions are an essential part of the chair for a variety of reasons. For one, the individual that’s using the wheelchair may require a certain level of pressure distribution to ensure both comfort and skin safety. Pressure ulcers have a tendency to develop on areas of the body that are restricted from proper blood flow. They range in grade scales from one being the least severe to four being the most. It should be noted that whenever one is considering outdoor foam replacement for a wheelchair, there should be research performed. Here is a guide of the basic types of cushions that you can obtain and benefit from.

Air Cushions

Air cushions provide a significant amount of pressure distribution when fully inflated. Connected by a plethora of air cells, the individual’s body weight is distributed evenly. Air cushions are typically the choice for users that have suffered from pressure ulcers in the past. Individuals that struggle to shift their position will benefit from these types of cushions.

Honeycomb Cushions

Honeycomb cushions offer multiple layers for the user. The bony prominences that are exposed sink into the cushion and help relieve some of the pressure. These cushions are extremely effective at redistributing bodily pressure. Honeycomb cushions, similar to air cushions, are a solid option for individuals that suffer from restricted mobility and require an optimal pressure-relieving cushion. Some honeycomb cushions have the effect of dryfast foam, which relieves moisture build up for sanitary purposes. There are wheelchair users that are extremely diaphoretic and tend to sweat profusely at all times.

Custom Cushions

If a wheelchair user has a deformity that cannot be addressed by a specific type of cushion, custom molds can be made to achieve equal pressure distribution. It’s important that the individual uses a cushion that will properly support them or they may face numerous issues in the long run. Custom cushions can be combined with aspects of other cushions to create a perfect mold that suits the unique individual’s needs. By creating these custom cushions, one can reduce the risk of pressure wounds from forming.

The Bottom Line

When it comes to wheelchair cushions, decisions must be made with the user’s comfort and safety in mind. Doing so will allow him or her to sit comfortably and without the risk of ulcer formation. As crucial as the frame is, the cushion also plays a pivotal role in itself. Don’t let your loved one suffer with a cheap cushion, give them the peace that they deserve with a model that suits them the best.

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