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Choosing a Family Dentist

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Finding the right Glendora dentist can be a real a challenge. A trip to the dentist is scary and uncomfortable for many patients, especially young ones, but it doesn’t have to be. When choosing a family dentist, potential patients will want to consider three key questions:

  1. How Well Trained is the Dentist?

Dentists in the Glendora CA dental field vary in skill and background. Skilled dentists have graduated from an accredited dental program and should display their diplomas on their office walls. Obtaining board certification is another step that represents a serious commitment to providing the best possible dental care through continued education. A family dentist should be equipped to handle the diverse needs of an entire family, from children to teenagers to young adults.

  1. How Honest is the Dentist?

A patient should feel comfortable with her dentist, her hygienist, and her entire Glendora family dental team. Unethical dentists give the profession a bad name. Unfortunately, there have been cases of dentists over-selling services and suggesting that patients need work they don’t actually require. An honest dentist will always show the patient, on her x-ray, any work that needs to be done and help her to understand her options. If something sounds suspicious or unnecessary, it’s always a good idea to get a second opinion.

  1. How Does the Office Feel?

People often dread going to the dentists, so it’s important that the atmosphere of any dental office be relaxing. Potential patients will want to check that the waiting room is well stocked with toys and books for kids and magazines for adults, that non-jarring music is playing, and that bathrooms are readily accessible.

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