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How to Avoid Plaque Build Up

plaque-build-up-before-afterA Covina dental office can help you straighten your teeth with Invisalign aligners that are easy to remove from your mouth when you must brush your teeth. Straightening your misaligned teeth will make it easier to remove food debris to avoid developing hard plaque. You may notice that plaque is between your tightly spaced teeth, and the only way to have it removed is by visiting a dentist for a professional cleaning. If you have plaque on your teeth, then you are more likely to develop cavities.

Whiten Your Teeth

When your teeth are stained, you need to have a teeth-whitening procedure from a Glendora dentist. A dental hygienist will scrape the buildup of plaque from your teeth before beginning a whitening procedure to make sure that each tooth is covered with the hydrogen peroxide solution. In many cases, removing plaque from your teeth is part of the cost of whitening your teeth. By having plaque scraped from your teeth, you will also have fresher breath.

Repair Dental Restorations

With cosmetic dentistry in Pasadena CA, you can have new restorations designed that fit better inside your mouth. Tight bridges can make it impossible to brush your teeth properly, and you also can’t fit floss into the narrow spaces between your teeth. If a dentist notices a lot of plaque near a dental bridge, then they can adjust it to fit better, or they can collect a new mold from your mouth to make a better restoration.

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