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What to do if your teen refuses to get into braces

Article written by Elite Dental Group

Braces and orthodontic treatments are necessary as they help to realign jaws and correct for over or underbites. These corrections can help reduce major dental problems later on in a child’s life. However, pre-teens and teenagers may be hesitant to get into braces as they are conscious about how they look to others.

Here are a few suggestions that may help to change your child’s mind:

Let them ask the questions – Your child may have some valid concerns about why they are not willing to get into braces. Speaking to your child and learning about their fears can help you and your orthodontist respond better.

Appearance – Young teens are often concerned about how they are perceived. Ask your child if they know of other classmates or friends who wear braces and if they can speak to them.

Choose the right time – Looking at your face after getting braces can take some getting used to. This is why orthodontists advise young patients to get their braces in summer when they have a long time off school to get used to their new look.

More options – Braces come in a variety of colors and options which can be as colorful or as discreet according to your child’s preference.

Will it hurt – Although patients will feel some initial discomfort, often discomfort will ease after a week or two. In some cases, extractions are required to help teeth move into place. These procedures use an anesthetic and can be less uncomfortable if done by a trained, professional orthodontist.

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