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Create abundance by Meditating in Salt Spring Island, Vancouver, Canada

Golden Touch encourages financial and personal well-being. China’s Zhang Xinyue founded the group. She frequently writes about how to connect to the cosmic sea and produce prosperity in your life. She instills these values in her members so that they might prosper in their family, personal lives, and careers. She focuses on annual gatherings where participants can learn more about how to create abundance.

The places for these gatherings were chosen for their powerful energy vortexes. Individuals can receive healings in their lives after they learn to meditate and connect to this energy. Over the years, many have experienced numerous miracles. Salt Spring Island, Vancouver, is one of Xinyue’s favorite places to visit. This is near the Salish Sea.

For a long time, Salt Spring Island has been a popular vacation spot. It is situated in Vancouver Bay on Canada’s Western Coast. There are amazing animals and other creatures found there in this unusual ecology.

Zhang Xinyue Founder of Golden Touch says, “It is rumored that the underground caves contain powerful energy vibrations that can greatly increase your meditation experience.”

People have claimed all kinds of miracles in their bodies and minds because there is such a strong energy vortex here. Some have discovered the path to enlightenment. This type of energy is beneficial for assisting people in resolving emotional concerns as well as finding relief from trauma and other troubling issues.

In this paradise in Salt Spring Island, Vancouver, the chakra lines are deep and long. Fresh oysters and crabs, as well as exquisite veggies, berries, and other delicacies, are plentiful. It’s the perfect spot for a Golden Touch meditation retreat.