Saturday, 25/1/2020 | 4:45 UTC+0
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Will Diindolylmethane Bring Hope to Cancer Patients?

If there is anything that the medical community is having difficulties with over the last few decades, it is finding the cure for diseases such as cancer and AIDS. When it comes to these diseases, prevention seems to be the only way to live longer.

All these, however, have changed with the discovery of DIM, a compound that is found in Brassica vegetable, and is currently being used in clinical trials. If you thought that this was yet another wild claim to cure several incurable diseases, it might be somewhat comforting to know that the preliminary results are actually showing positive outcomes.

Researchers have not only considered this to be a potential cure for cancer and other diseases but have also been a vital factor in the cancer prevention diet.  They realized that this compound, in conjunction with other compounds such as Selenium, has worked wonders when it comes to the said diet.

However, the patients around the world still has to deal with the fact that everybody is still waiting for a cure not to mention that the expertise of the doctors has been challenged by these diseases time and time again.

Things will absolutely change in favor of millions of patients around the world whose days are fast and counted with the positive results that Diindolylmethane shows as a potential cure for some of the deadly diseases today.