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The Seven Vision Functions That Could Make You Fail The Minimum Vision Test In California

Article written by Delta Driving School .

Central vision is what is most often thought of when someone thinks of sight. This is what lets you focus on and read hazard signs and street signs and is what the Snellen wall chart tests for when your vision is tested.

Along with this is your central vision which helps you not only see movement to the sides. This can be especially important when looking in your review mirror and enables you to still see where you are going.

Night vision can also be a necessity, though you can still drive with poor night vision during the day. Glare resistance, while similar, is actually something different. The one affects your overall ability to see at night, while the latter makes any glare blinding to you for far longer than is safe.

Judgment of distance is a vital part of driving and anything that affects this can be cause for failing your vision test. Along with this is visual perception. This not only is part of judging distance, but impaired visual perception can also make it hard for you to determine how different things relate to each other.

Lastly, anything that affects your eye movement is also a potential cause for failing. This can be a twitch of sorts or any uncontrolled movement of the eyes that might result in a crash. If any one of these seven vision functions is impaired then you will likely have a much harder time getting your California license.

This article was sent to us by Delta Driving School. They are a Driving School in La Crescenta & La Canada CA and neighboring cities. Make sure to contact them if you are looking for a driving school in that area.