Monday, 11/11/2019 | 10:34 UTC+0
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Say No to drug addiction

It’s no wonder the saying ‘Prevention is better than cure’ applies to almost every area of our lives. Take for example, the state of drug addiction. If you ask several addicts if they were given the chance to go back and change it all, most of them would admit to wanting to do so.

The word ‘change’ again applies to our lives at many levels. And in the case of the addict, a slew of alcohol rehabs are at their disposal to make a fresh start if not make that slow uphill climb back to the peak of sobriety. And it does take a lot of work and will power on the part of the patient as many will affirm.

But is it better that one did not get involved in taking drugs at all?

The answer to that is a resounding ‘Yes’ as an addiction is never planned but just happens, thanks to one’s affinity to a particular drug. So it’s better to not get involved at all!

However, for those who have already reached that stage where they depend on the drug fully, an addiction treatment program is in order. This program has to cater to their individual needs as each patient takes drugs for a particular reason that is not the same as another patient.

Cirque Lodge understands these concepts of addiction, and has been treating patients in the areas of recreational and prescription drugs successfully.