Wednesday, 26/2/2020 | 6:05 UTC+0
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How Kratom Has Revamped the Medical Scene

Summary: Kratom provides medical benefits that are much safer than opioids and heroine.

As much as kratom is believed to be an opioid, it actually isn’t. Kratom is in the coffee family but its’ molecules bind to the same neuronal receptors as opioids – just like heroine and oxycodone does. Are you starting to see the ill comparisons now?

The “Kratom Effect”

Typically, these drugs tend to give the user a feeling of euphoria and dulls the pain, which is why thousands of users are giving kratom a closer look. For instance, there are numerous stories where people formerly used prescription opioids to treat discomfort from accidents or other injuries. Sooner or later, these users became addicted and started abusing them to no end. After their prescriptions ran out, they switched over to drugs like heroine to mask the pain instead.

High functioning users tend to rely on the same type of feeling that opioids or other drugs tend to give, and when they’re cut off, they yearn for it. This can lead to erratic behavior and the need to reach out to illegal markets to obtain a drug by whatever means necessary.

The Misconception Kratom Faces

Kratom on the other hand, provides similar euphoric and pain-killing effects, but are muted. And, since it binds to the same receptors as opioids, it can essentially nullify the need for satisfying that “feel good” need that’s been plaguing them. One survey has found that for people that are using it to kick an addiction to opioids or heroin, the dependence is far less likely to disrupt their normal lives.

The surge in kratom usage has led to a variety of advocates and investors like Sebastian Guthery to sell kratom amongst the population that are looking to make the switch to a safer alternative.

Blog submitted by Sebastian Guthery. Guthery has launched and runs several businesses, and is an advocate for kratom. Guthery’s efforts have helped bring awareness to kratom distribution, as well as its uses and benefits.
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