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Why you should hire a malpractice attorney

dentalmal1Blog submitted by Dane Levy Attorney of, a provider of legal services for those injured by dental malpractice in California

One of the expectations we have when it comes to our medical care providers like doctors and dentists is that we are provided with the best possible care and advice for our general health and well-being. Both of these practitioners are also directly responsible for malpractice. When it comes to our dental health, malpractice occurs when a negligent dentist performs a procedure like a root canal overfill as a result of which you experience chronic pain or loss of function.

There is a strict standard of care that dentists must adhere to when it comes to their patients. That level of care needs to be maintained and is also known as “duty of care”. What this means is that any treatment or advice must be in the best interest of the patient. Despite what a lot of people believe, you don’t need to be physically injured in order to file a dental malpractice suit. Even not providing all the options available is grounds for legal action. Even if they do not agree with the choice you make, you must be made aware of all the options on the table.

Other examples of possible dental malpractice are not looking at their medical history before a procedure, removing of the wrong tooth, unnecessary procedures, delaying diagnosis or anything that results in injury like nerve damage.


Anyone who has experience any of the above should consult a malpractice attorney orange county.