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Why you should be flipping your mattress

Written by Carlo Badalamenti

If you’re wondering why people tell you that you should be flipping your mattress every now and then, it would be great for you to know that this is actually a method that will allow you to maximize the use of your mattress. Whether you have a boat mattress or a regular mattress on any type of bed, you will find that flipping your mattress will actually help the mattress retain its original shape. You see, just like any other product or material in this world, it will always be subject to wear and tear. Let’s face it, we lie down in our beds every single night, and all that weight and pressure that we put on our mattresses is bound to do something to it. This is the reason why mattresses that have seen too many winters tend to sink or get deformed in certain places. This is normal, and this is due to wear and tear. And by flipping or rotating your mattress, you will be able to prolong the life of your mattress to its advertised lifespan. Most manufacturers claim that their mattresses are good for twenty years. If you want your mattresses to reach its advertised lifespan, you will also have to do your part by not subjecting it to so much abuse. By flipping over your mattress, this will allow your mattress to regain its shape as well as avoid causing further damage to the part that has been subjected to the most stress and pressure.


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