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The Different Categories of Medical Device Coatings

There are a wide variety of coatings that are currently being used on patients.

medical-worldThe extensive range of medical device coatings and device applications vary so much. There are numerous categories used to classify the different coatings – the most important concern is sanitation and sterility. Medical coatings need to avoid allergic substances but at the same time repel bacteria so that they can be used on a variety of patients without the risk of infection.


Lubricant coatings are essentially used on devices that require extra assistance when inserted into other devices. For example, a catheter must be lubricated prior to being inserted into a patient or it may be a painful process that the patient must endure as well as posing a dangerous threat. Essentially, the lubricant must also reduce both kinetic and static friction in order to ease the contact of multiple different surfaces.

Antimicrobial Coatings

Many medical devices must come in contact with sensitive bodily fluids, like blood. Thus, they must be sanitized with antimicrobial coatings in order to prevent the transfer of bacteria into the body. The antimicrobial coatings must also meet FDA compatibility standards as lubricants. Through the process of PECVD, these coatings cover all the standards such as providing active resistance to microbe absorption and transference.

Hydrophilic Surface Coatings

Medical devices, like tubes, require there to be increased wettability to properly function with the interior of the body. Hydrophilic surface coatings also make polymeric devices susceptible to fluids through the process of grafting polymers to help bind water onto the material.

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