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The Teachings of Zhang Xinyue 创造丰盛

Being Part of the Cosmic Sea


This is a section from the book “Create Abundance” 创造丰盛 that discusses how all humans are part of the Cosmic Sea. Even in spite of brutal acts like murder, we are still all connected on a cosmic level.

Remaining attached to the Cosmic Sea

At times in our lives, we can become estranged from people we love such as spouses or children. It may feel like the isolation is permanent and there’s no repairing the damage. One of the discoveries of Zhang Xinyue is that we all belong to one race –the human race. Regardless of what we do or where life takes us, we will always be a part of this Sea, the Cosmic Sea.

Even when we attempt to extricate ourselves from the whole of mankind, we will not be successful. We may cause ourselves heartache and pain from the attempt but we still belong to the whole unit known as “Mankind.”

Life isn’t fair!

Becoming angry with friends, colleagues, children, spouses and such can cause us emotional damage. It can damage them as well. We may feel anxious and isolated. At times, we will feel angry. Life wasn’t fair to us. People treated us wrong. We were innocent victims.

When we feel out of emotional control, we may mistakenly think that we no longer belong to our family, friends or a marriage. We use the term “divorced” sometimes. However, there is no way to divorce ourselves completely from the cosmic sea that we belong to.

All of mankind belongs in that one category and we are all members of the Cosmic Sea regardless of where life takes us.

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