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  • The importance of Vitamin D for your immune system

      If the covid19 pandemic has though us one thing, it is that most people have substandard immune systems. One of main causes behind that are deficiencies or insufficiency in Vitamin D. Although not truly a vitamin, it functions more as a hormone and is responsible for a whole host of immune functions and other

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  • CBD Water and Hemp Oil Production is Legal After 2018 Farm Bill

    Article Provided by Express CBD Store. CBD is incredibly healing and has been changing millions of lives over the last few decades. More and more research has been conducted over the last few years offering up proof of the many medical benefits, dictating just how potent of a medicine CBD can be. Research has shown that

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  • Benefits of Full Body Massage for Good Health

    Weekly full body massage treatments can maintain a healthy body and mind says experts. Although full body massages are one of the most common forms of treatments offered at spas, it also happened to be one of the most relaxing, stress relieving treatments. Here is what a full body massage can do for you. Release

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  • Tips for Losing Weight: Low Calorie Alcoholic Drinks

    Many people struggle to keep on track when dieting, whether it’s the constant logging of calories, finding time to exercise or simply giving up your favorite foods. However, you can drop a few pounds a month simply by making a few small changes to your daily lifestyle. Alcohol One of these changes is only indulging

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