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Seniors guide to telehealth

Article provide by Francis Dunn, Miami, FL

Telehealth offers medical advice remotely through live video conferencing, texts, calls, emails, video streaming, and medical portals. Telehealth is now used instead of face-to-face appointments as they allow both patients and doctors to consult without the added health risk or the inconveniences of physical appointments.

Telehealth is meant to supplement a patient’s health care by offering health services that do not necessarily warrant a face-to-face consultation. They are ideal for asking questions related to chronic or minor conditions, refilling prescriptions, and addressing mental health issues.

Telehealth can benefit seniors by offering the following.

Convenience – Instead of visiting a doctor for minor concerns, seniors can now connect with healthcare providers from the comfort of their homes. Additionally, remote sessions have no travel costs and unnecessary waiting times in a doctor’s office, reducing the risk of exposure to other illnesses.

Easier access – Reaching a specialist can be difficult, with limited doctors operating in a particular area. Telehealth allows for easier access to specialists as they can be booked from anywhere in the country.

Better control – It is important for seniors to manage their health. Being easily able to schedule routine appointments can mean consistent care to control their health conditions.

Data sharing – Online medical systems allow doctors to view the history of a patient at any time by analyzing their reports. Telehealth additionally allows patients to send new reports to their doctor, providing an up-to-date picture of their current condition.

Lower costs – Telehealth appointments are not only cheaper than in-person appointments, but they also involve no transportation costs or the need for a caregiver to accompany the patient.

 'Francis Dunn'

‘Francis Dunn’

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