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How Much Will Contact Lenses Cost You?

Summary: Contact lenses tend to vary in price. However, there are some factors that come into play when determining the total cost. Here’s a breakdown of what you should expect.

As most already know, the price of contact lenses can fluctuate when it comes to the model, type of lens, and strength. Furthermore, the cost of an eye exam from your local ophthalmologist should be factored in on top of the product itself. According to a number of characteristics determined by your eye doctor, you will be prescribed a contact lens model that fits your personal preferences that may run at a higher cost than other brands.

Prescriptions that have a design such as anti-reflection for example, is one of the many factors that contribute to the overall price. So, when you’re asking yourself how much a year’s worth of Air Optix contacts is going to cost in the long run, it can depend on a variety of factors.

How Are Contacts Priced?

Every optometrist will have his or her own fee for an eye exam but expect to pay anywhere from $50 to $100. Many insurance plans will incorporate vision into the plan as well which will cover an annual exam and some other costs. Be sure to check with your insurance company beforehand to see if you are covered or not.

Daily disposable contact lenses are one of the most convenient and popular choices among contact wearers in the market. These are often worn in the morning and thrown away at night or after use. Because a fresh pair of contacts are worn daily, a box will contain two lenses for each day. 30 lenses for example, may run you anywhere from $20 to over $100 per box, depending on the retailer or supplier. Be sure to look around for the best prices on the Internet as well so you can compare and contrast.

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