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Health Care Financing

Freedom to Choose
Medical insurance companies do not usually cover elective medical procedures. Patients usually pay for the procedures themselves. Often, patients do not have the desired funds for these procedures and are faced with a choice: finance the procedure or don’t have it at all. For these people, patient financing can make elective surgery available and allow greater freedom to choose a specialist that you trust.

Health care financing for elective procedures and surgeries can make those procedures affordable for any budget. The ability to schedule elective treatments or surgeries at a cost that fits your budget is important when considering treatment.

Medical Loans
Finance companies offer installment loans with relatively low, fixed rates to qualified applicants and often combine the cost of treatment from multiple specialists in one loan. Some surgeons and medical providers offer their own financing through their practices. Many medical providers belong to financing company networks and will give the patient the appropriate paperwork necessary to begin the process of financing elective procedures.

Medical Financing
There are also credit companies that offer financing for elective surgeries. This usually takes only a few minutes to apply and the process is quite easy. Medical financing offers a number of advantages over using a credit card, such as lower interest rates and waived initial payments.

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Credit cards often have variable rates, but medical financing usually offers low, fixed rates, or even interest-free loans when balances are paid within a specified period. Most will offer low monthly payments, and you will usually pay no up-front costs or pre-payment penalties or fees. Patients with excellent credit ratings will generally qualify for a lower interest rate, but even patients with past credit problems can qualify for very reasonable rates.

Many different companies offer patient financing for medical procedures and medical financing is generally a good deal for the patient, giving you convenient payment options so that you can get the procedure you want, when you want it.