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Healing Nutrients for Healthy Hearing

As we all learn more about nutrition and how it affects our health both now, and in the future, it’s good remember that there are foods that can help your hearing remain excellent and healthy as well.

Eating a balanced diet of natural foods is great for those with diabetes, heart disease and other illnesses. But there are nutrients that can help your hearing as well and these include:

Magnesium is a mineral that aids the body with biochemical reactions. It also helps get bones strong and muscles working well. Magnesium is the eighth-most-abundant element in the Earth’s crust. It is found in bananas, dark chocolate, kidney bean, tofu, cashews, almonds and mackerel, among others.

Zinc is vital for healthy cell growth and cell division. It also helps with wound healing and the breakdown of carbs. It is found in legumes of all types, in nuts and seeds and in dairy products and whole grains.

Folate is found in asparagus, leafy greens, beets, eggs and citrus fruits.

Omega 3 can be found in legumes, broccoli, black pepper, avocadoes, green leafy vegetables and fatty fish like salmon.

These foods are good for your whole body, not just your hearing. They can help you avoid heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes and high cholesterol. You stay healthy longer and avoid many of the pitfalls of those who were not cautious about what they eat.

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