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Tips for Saving Money on Medications Under Medicare

For all the advantages Medicare provides, buying medications can still be a pricey affair for Medicare patients. In response, many Medicare patients have found useful ways to reduce medication payments. Here are a few tips that can make healthcare more affordable for you.

The first tip is to explore the advantages of mail-order pharmacies. David Duel is a prominent healthcare professional who serves as the founder and CEO of EasyHealth, a 400-person Medicare platform. He says, “Before you look for a pharmacy, check if your insurance plan offers an in-house mail-order pharmacy. If you’re under the Medicare Advantage Plan, chances are that it does.”

These mail-order pharmacies allow customers to refill prescriptions and order medications covered by their insurance plan without paying out of their pockets. They are one straightforward, easy way patients can save money.

Another tip is to compare prices on medications before you commit to buying them. By doing this, you may find lower prices more in line with your budget. You should also take a look at generic drugs, which are almost always more affordable than brand-name medications.

David Duel explains, “The FDA acknowledges that many generic medications are just as effective as brand-name medications because they contain the same essential ingredients. If you want a quick way to save money, always opt for generic medications where you can find them.”

Lastly, check if a pharmacy is offering a discount on the specific medication you need. David Duel adds, “There are many pharmacies and grocery stores that offer discounts on medications. If you’ve tried all other options, this might be the best way to save money on the medicine you need.”

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