Saturday, 28/1/2023 | 4:29 UTC+0
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The Importance of Air Quality in the Home

It seems like more and more these days we’re hearing on the news about the subpar air quality all around us when we’re out and about in the world. This is certainly alarming and just about everyone agrees something needs to be done.

But most people don’t appreciate how poor the quality of air is in their own homes. The problem with our homes is that there is tons of dust and debris. While you can do your best to clean as much as possible, it’s an uphill battle.

Consider that when you turn on your home’s heat, for example, your furnace sucks up air first before warming it. Once that air is warm, it then propels it through the home’s air ducts.

If that air isn’t clean—and it very well might not be—your furnace is actually working against you by spreading dirty air all over the house. Those of us who suffer from allergies are particularly susceptible to this problem.

Fortunately, there’s an easier solution than simply not staying warm all winter. Install a 3M air filter, for example, and your furnace will be less likely to pull in bad air to spread around the house. Best of all a 3M filtrate is both affordable and easy to install. You can be breathing the quality of air you deserve in no time.


Article submitted by Your Filter Connection.  The company sells all kinds of home air filters for your furnace and air conditioning systems. They carry quality brands like Honeywell and 3M furnace filter solutions.