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Safe and Natural Sleep Aids for Sweeter Dreams

Not getting enough shut-eye can eventually cause an unfortunate shutdown of your systems and your lifestyle. The most sensible person can turn into a terrible monster without enough sleep – sleep deprivation is the very culprit of those mood swings, poor performance at work or school, and the inability to remember even the most basic of activities for daily living. That’s why those sleeping pills can look so attractive, but looking good is all they’ll ever be, because although they regulate sleep patterns, they also send you into a tornado of harmful side effects. Natural sleep aids are gaining more positive attention these days, because they induce the same effects, but without tendencies for addiction and habit formation. Here are just some of them:

First, it is important to consider that natural sleep aids don’t always have to be in pill form. The best form of natural sleep aid is tweaking your diet. If you’re ingesting too much carbs, oil and fats, you could be kept up at night as your body digests these. Also, if you love chocolate and coffee, don’t expect a good night sleep. Go high on veggies, fiber, lean meat like turkey, and try some warm milk.

Also, inject some exercise into your daily routine. It is important to burn those calories, and “tire” yourself during the day, so your body recognizes its need for shuteye at night. It is also a good idea to wake up a few minutes earlier so you fall asleep earlier at the end of the day.

Finally, natural sleep aids could be in the form of herbs, herb teas and supplements: chamomile, valerian root and melatonin are some of the big names in this department.