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Dr. John B Cher Review – STAY AWAY

Guest Post Provided by P. Zarokian

I tried to post this review about Dr. John B. Cher on Yelp, but Yelp removed it, stating “it falls outside our Content Guidelines ( because it relies on or contains secondhand information.” Well that is just nonsense, as I was trying to provide the readers usefull information for those considering this doctor. I bet that the doctor contacted them for removal. I have now sent my review to some bloggers for posting, so that everyone knows the truth about this doctor. Hence that is probably why you are reading this. Here is my review:

1) Dr. Cher was recommended to me by another out of state surgeon for a problem I had with my throat with small food particles always getting stuck. I went in and he recommended that my tonsils should be removed. After the surgery Dr. Cher told me to give it a few weeks to cure and food should not get stuck anymore. However, I still had the problem 6 months later. When I called him, he said it could take over a year to cure. After over a year the problem was still there. It has been over 4 years now and I still have the problem. He knew well that the statute of limitations only allows to bring claims until one year of the surgery, so that is probably why he told me I need to wait a year.

2) My wife then went in for a surgery few months later. After they had given her anesthesia (sleep medication), the assistant came out and told me the blood test results showed that my wife is pregnant. This was a shock to me, but at the same time, me and my wife had been waiting for months for this. I thought maybe they are wrong, so I didn’t want to get too excited just yet until we do a second test to confirm it. However, it was too late to back out of the surgery since they had already given my wife the sleep medication. This made me real upset, because you are not supposed to give a pregnant woman such medication or do surgery on them. They should have known better to wait for the test results before they give her anesthesia. I had to make the decision to go ahead with the surgery, since the medication could not be reversed, I thought what more harm could there be. Needless to say after the surgery when my wife found out about this she was furious. The pregnancy turned out to be real and we had a healthy son 9 months later. THANK GOD. I am so glad it turned out OK, but Dr. Cher screwed up big time. He was so scared that we might sue him, so he was trying to be extra nice to us and did several follow ups with us.

3) The 3rd surgery was done on someone who we recommended to go to Dr. Cher around the same time my wife was doing her surgery. It was a cosmetic reconstructive surgery for a problem caused by another surgeon. Dr. Cher promised he would fix the problem. However, he made the problem worst than it was. I cannot go into details of the surgery due to privacy issues, but let me tell you it was a disaster. She has been left with some scars in her body that are very visible and would be almost impossible to repair. It psychologically effected this person, to the point that she did not want to date anyone. When she complained to Dr. Cher about the problem, he freaked out and after talking to his attorney, he was ready to refund her fully in order for her to agree not to file a lawsuit. However, she declined to accept the refund and decided to talk to some attorneys. After talking to 3 attorneys, they all said it would be a hard case to try due to the contract she had signed which indemnified the doctor for such problems. When she went back to Dr. Cher trying to get the refund, Dr. Cher would not give the refund anymore.

All 3 surgeries were done within a month or two of each other, so we still did not know that we would have such problems with Dr. Cher to avoid him and for me not to recommend him to others.

I did some research afterwards on Dr. John B. Cher and it appeared that his license was suspended at some point for a four months and he was also on probation for 5 years. Check here

I am not sure if he operated while his license was suspended, but it does appear that his suspension period was too close to our surgery dates. I also found a claim from another woman against him who also had a surgery done by Dr. Cher that had gone bad. I should have reported him to the board, but I was too lazy to do so. I hope this review here, would be enough to warn some people against using him.